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Eubank Ready Meals, For Children!!

Ahoy pirateers! I've found my way back from the icy waters of the exotic oceans. Having been captured by matey pirate children., I have managed to put their pictures up on the front of my label for all to see.

Be brave, go grab your skull and crossbones and try me!


Produced by a family of three, brother and sisters Andrew, Roxanne, and Toni, the three of us have been brought up on these wonderful dishes since we were very small and have have enjoyed eating them even up untill now for years! So we decided to put our heads together and came up with the idea of launching our own range of ready made meals convenient for parents to pop into the oven or microwave, giving other youngsters an opportunity to enjoy eating them too!


Please have a look at our delicious range! All delicious and yummy to eat. They come delivered to your door step ice frozen by our reputable delivery company.  Just pop them straight into the freezer, and then when your ready just pop them into an oven or microwave. heat n eat! 

Traditional dish. Stew chicken curry with rice and peas.
£40.00 for 12 units (inc free delivery)

''Swashbucklin' Chicken Stew''. Is a delicious pirate range of chicken stew in an exotic tomato stye gravy with potatoes, carrots, garden peas and tomatoes. And a side dish of rice and kidney beans mixed up to eat all together. Very delicious dinner.  

Cheesy corned beef twisty pasta
£40.00 for 12 units (inc free delivery)

''Cheesy Pirate pie'' is a delicious pirate cheesy pasta pie with Corned beef all mixed up within it. Nice and cheesy for kids to enjoy. Very rich and creamy. Perect to eat as a tea time snack or breakfast dish.

Traditional tummy warming Creamy delicious Cornmeal Porridge.
£40.00 for 12 units (inc free delivery)

''Captain Andrew's Porridge'' is a traditional delicious pirate porridge, which all pirates of the sea eat for breakfast! It's very rich,  creamy and will fill up your tummy full!

Eat as a breakfast or as a tea time.

Enjoyable on it's own, or with jam / fruits.

Tummy warming callaloo (similar to spinach) and pumpkin soup.
£40.00 for 12 units (inc free delivery)

''Me hearty Pumpkin Soup'' A tasty filling soup, made with pirate style pumpkin and Callaloo (similar to spinach).

Pirateers eat soup for breakfast or before bed time

Lovely smooth consistency perfect to eat on it's own or with bread.


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